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Chesapeake Investment Management, LLC is a full-service investment advisory firm located in Washington DC.

We strive to help you get the most from your investments throughout every stage of your life. We are well prepared to meet the needs of every client and are steadfast in our commitment to long-term diversification within each of our clients’ portfolios. Our tailored financial solutions revolve around diversified investment strategies and unwavering personal attention, regardless of your range of goals. We offer a fundamental research-based investment philosophy that maximizes proven industry strategies and anticipates the ever-changing needs of our individual and institutional clients. Always being accessible is our promise to you—an unmatched commitment to personal service you’ll only find with Chesapeake Investment Management.

About Us

Chesapeake Investment Management, LLC is an independent Washington, DC-based full-service, fee-structured investment advisory firm registered with the SEC. Our experienced and accessible team of financial professionals is committed to using fundamental research to deliver a diversified sector approach with long-term and tax-efficient portfolio returns.

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